Blessed With Double Digits

This year we celebrate birthdays 6, 8, and-double-digit 10! With this milestone, my boys’ birthdays have taken on a whole new meaning for me. Yes, they still mean one more year away from highchairs and pack and plays, but they also mean one less year to make an impact on them while they are in our home. Sounds kind of mushy, I know. And, admittedly, some days I do think about doing laundry for only two people and then taking an afternoon nap … on a hammock … in Barbados … on a Tuesday. It’s true, but, the majority of the time, I am asking time with these boys to slow down. Of course, it doesn’t, and in August I became the mother of a double-digit kid.

This is the last year that my soft-voiced boy, who still has some loose baby teeth and, thankfully, still wants to cuddle me, will be able to use two hands to show his age.There is just something about that number 10. It’s a decade, an even number, and a reason to buy two of those fancy birthday candles, shaped like numbers, instead of one. And, it means he’s an almost MIDDLE SCHOOLER!

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